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High performing production chemicals

Innospec’s Production Specialties business is dedicated to manufacturing and supplying innovative cost-effective additive technologies that:

  • Extend the lifetime and productivity of well operations
  • Maximize pipeline efficiencies
  • Help safely remove the hazardous bi-products of crude oil and gas operations

We work closely with major oil companies, independent producers, pipeline companies and service providers.

Our range of superior products covers the entire breadth of production chemicals.

The range includes asset integrity chemicals such as: biocidescorrosion inhibitors, oxygen, cyanide, iron sulfide, hydrogen sulfide and mercaptan scavengers.

Our flow assurance chemicals include paraffin control chemistries, such as pour point depressants, paraffin control chemistries, and drag reducing agents, as well as a range of scale inhibitors.

Our phase separations chemicals include a broad range of emulsifiers, demulsifiers, surfactants, and anti-foaming agents.

Unrivalled customer support

With our extensive resources and knowledge of the oilfield sector, our team can deliver cutting edge additive technology alongside unrivalled field and customer service.

Innospec’s technical team can formulate blends of different components to assist with materials management and on-site chemical footprints.

We employ a dedicated team of technicians, engineers and product managers to provide a world-class technology service that you can rely on for expert advice and guidance.

With our extensive laboratories and testing facilities we carefully evaluate all our production specialty chemicals to ensure their quality performance, cost-effectiveness, and consistency before they are put to work in the field.

Our Technical Services team can help you find the best solution to your concerns with either existing products or new formulations.

Bacterial contamination is a key concern for the oilfield industry. To help counter this contamination, biocides are used to control sulfate-reducing bacteria, slime-forming bacteria, iron-oxidizing bacteria and bacteria that attack polymers in fracture and secondary recovery fluids. Innospec Oilfield Services (IOFS) provides a full range of biocides for completing and producing your well. All supported by our extensive chemical knowledge and years of experience providing leading biocide solutions for oilfield applications.

  • Reduce microbiologically-induced corrosion by inhibiting sulfate-reducing bacteria;
  • Helps decrease hydrocarbon contamination;
  • Highly effective downhole antifoulant

MicroBreakTM from IOFS is our full line of registered, broad spectrum and fast acting biocides to help effectively treat bacteria.

Leading technology for improved oilfield operations

Drag Reducing Agents reduce the frictional pressure within the flow of a pipeline or conduit. Acting as buffers along the pipe wall, drag reducing agents are long-chain hydrocarbon polymers that decrease the amount of energy lost in turbulent formation. Using drag reducing agents enables operators to increase pipeline flow using the same amount of energy, or decrease the pressure drop for the same fluid flow rate.

By injecting drag reducing agents into the buffer zone within a pipe or conduit a reduction in turbulence can be achieved. The polymers within the drag reducing agent absorb energy and turbulent bursts, reducing subsequent pipeline turbulence and avoiding wasted energy.

IOFS drag reducing agents form part of our extensive oilfield chemicals range. Easy to handle with an extensive operating temperature range from -50°C to 40°C - our products are suited to both crude and refined oil applications.

IOFS drag reducing agents - engineered to:

  • Increase pipeline flow capacity and optimize efficiency by reducing line pressure
  • Eliminate additional costs by eliminating intermediate pump stations from system designs
  • De-bottleneck pipeline systems without expensive equipment upgrades
  • Reduce energy consumption by minimizing drag within the pipeline
  • Lower operating pressure without sacrificing pipeline capacity

Our drag reducing agents are combined with our extensive project experience and technical support. We provide on-site commissioning and trial support for equipment, refilling tanks and data monitoring.

One-stop solution for efficient crude oil transportation and processing

Our Production solutions use a variety of mechanisms to address a wide range of issues related to paraffin content and type.

At the core of our product line are a range of Pour Point Depressants (PPD) that improve the pour point and flow characteristics of bulk oil, to ensure efficient transportation and processing. These products are designed with the intention of avoiding separation of paraffin species from the bulk oil.

We select combinations of solvents and surface active agents which act to disperse or dissolve waxes, effectively ‘keeping them in solution’. Other proprietary compounds function as crystal growth modifiers, to keep the wax particulate size small and avoid agglomeration.

Nucleation promoters in the PPD generate particles that, in conjunction with the crystal growth modifiers, keep the wax particulates small enough to remain stable in the oil phase.

Proven and reliable PPDs from IOFS:

  • Allow for smaller dose rates
  • Provide excellent thermal memory characteristics
  • Are based on the latest growth arrestor/nucleation polymers.

We also offer additional products that can clean up existing and prevent further paraffin issues, along with products designed to keep crudes stable throughout the production and midstream sectors.

Protect what matters most

Scale inhibitors provide a solution to inorganic scale nucleation and precipitation of solids from supersaturated water in oilfield production applications. They effectively protect the three areas most commonly affected by scaling – pipelines/conduits, completion systems and processing facilities.

Barium sulfate and calcium carbonate are two typical scale compounds, along with other inorganic solids produced during oilfield operations. Scale inhibitors prevent the buildup of these substances which can affect pipeline flow and production performance.

Our range of scale inhibitors are highly effective against carbonate and sulfate scale in a wide range of conditions, temperatures and salinity.

 An example of our scale inhibitor range is ISI-300 Sulphate Scale Dissolver.


ISI-300 is a unique scale dissolver that efficiently removes the sulphate scale that can cause formation damage and foul pipes, tanks, equipment and process systems. Dissolving the scale avoids the need for mechanical cleaning. The product is noncorrosive to metal surfaces and seals and continues to work effectively even at lower temperatures. ISI-300 is ideal for downhole and topside applications. Its green chemistry is approved for use in the North Sea.


  • Unique chemical cleaning solution
  • Avoids mechanical cleaning
  • Works efficiently at lower temperature
  • Down-hole and top-side applications
  • High dissolution capacity
  • Non-corrosive to metal surfaces and seals
  • Green chemistry approved for use in the North Sea


ISI300 graph

Maintain pipeline integrity and enhance equipment service life

Corrosion inhibitors provide critical protection to minimize the corrosive effects of liquids and gas on metals and alloys. Our corrosion inhibitors are based on our experience and market-leading chemical compounds used in refineries and pipeline projects.

IOS corrosion inhibitors - based on tried and tested refinery and pipeline chemistries

  • Use proven chemical compounds from across the oilfield industry
  • Maintain pipeline integrity
  • Improve operational safety
  • Extend equipment life.

We formulate tailored corrosion inhibitor concentrations to meet your specific application needs. This is supported by our in-depth industry knowledge and capability in oilfield chemical technology, helping to protect your critical service equipment.

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