Drag Reducing Agents

Leading technology for improved oilfield operations

Drag Reducing Agents reduce the frictional pressure within the flow of a pipeline or conduit. Acting as buffers along the pipe wall, drag reducing agents are long-chain hydrocarbon polymers that decrease the amount of energy lost in turbulent formation. Using drag reducing agents enables operators to increase pipeline flow using the same amount of energy, or decrease the pressure drop for the same fluid flow rate.

By injecting drag reducing agents into the buffer zone within a pipe or conduit a reduction in turbulence can be achieved. The polymers within the drag reducing agent absorb energy and turbulent bursts, reducing subsequent pipeline turbulence and avoiding wasted energy.

IOFS drag reducing agents form part of our extensive oilfield chemicals range. Easy to handle with an extensive operating temperature range from -50°C to 40°C - our products are suited to both crude and refined oil applications.

IOFS drag reducing agents - engineered to:

Our drag reducing agents are combined with our extensive project experience and technical support. We provide on-site commissioning and trial support for equipment, refilling tanks and data monitoring.