Paraffin Control

One-stop solution for efficient crude oil transportation and processing

Our Production solutions use a variety of mechanisms to address a wide range of issues related to paraffin content and type.

At the core of our product line are a range of Pour Point Depressants (PPD) that improve the pour point and flow characteristics of bulk oil, to ensure efficient transportation and processing. These products are designed with the intention of avoiding separation of paraffin species from the bulk oil.

We select combinations of solvents and surface active agents which act to disperse or dissolve waxes, effectively ‘keeping them in solution’. Other proprietary compounds function as crystal growth modifiers, to keep the wax particulate size small and avoid agglomeration.

Nucleation promoters in the PPD generate particles that, in conjunction with the crystal growth modifiers, keep the wax particulates small enough to remain stable in the oil phase.

Proven and reliable PPDs from IOFS:

We also offer additional products that can clean up existing and prevent further paraffin issues, along with products designed to keep crudes stable throughout the production and midstream sectors.