Scale Inhibitors

Protect what matters most

Scale inhibitors provide a solution to inorganic scale nucleation and precipitation of solids from supersaturated water in oilfield production applications. They effectively protect the three areas most commonly affected by scaling – pipelines/conduits, completion systems and processing facilities.

Barium sulfate and calcium carbonate are two typical scale compounds, along with other inorganic solids produced during oilfield operations. Scale inhibitors prevent the buildup of these substances which can affect pipeline flow and production performance.

Our range of scale inhibitors are highly effective against carbonate and sulfate scale in a wide range of conditions, temperatures and salinity.

 An example of our scale inhibitor range is ISI-300 Sulphate Scale Dissolver.


ISI-300 is a unique scale dissolver that efficiently removes the sulphate scale that can cause formation damage and foul pipes, tanks, equipment and process systems. Dissolving the scale avoids the need for mechanical cleaning. The product is noncorrosive to metal surfaces and seals and continues to work effectively even at lower temperatures. ISI-300 is ideal for downhole and topside applications. Its green chemistry is approved for use in the North Sea.


  • Unique chemical cleaning solution
  • Avoids mechanical cleaning
  • Works efficiently at lower temperature
  • Down-hole and top-side applications
  • High dissolution capacity
  • Non-corrosive to metal surfaces and seals
  • Green chemistry approved for use in the North Sea


ISI300 graph