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Hair dos and don’ts

For many consumers, having healthy, glossy, shiny hair is one of the most important aspects of personal appearance. The choice of hair cleansing products is almost infinite. With shampoos available for different hair types and touting different features, it’s a challenge to identify what the most important factors are to consumers when choosing a product.

One consumer trend that is having a major impact on the hair cleansing market is the pursuit of more natural, gentle products. In many consumer markets, including personal care, consumers are proactively finding out more about what is in their products. Certain chemicals in shampoos are often identified and avoided.

Creating gentle, mild, natural shampoos that have the required cleansing properties and luxury feel of standard products has been a challenge.

Until now.

Iselux®  - the latest technological breakthrough in surfactant chemistry – provides rich lather with a sulfate-free positioning for clear, mild and sulfate-free shampoos.

New to the range, Iselux® performance blends – Iselux® Ultra Mild, Iselux® SFS and Iselux® SLC optimized surfactant bases are simple to use and offer optimum performance.

Other key ingredients for consumer-winning hair cleansing products include:

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