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Introducing AURUM ® - LPG Additives with CH25X Technology, the new gold standard for your bottom line.

While untreated propane has major advantages over other premium-based fuels, LPG treated with AURUM ® adds more to your bottom line. Compared to propane treated with AURUM ®, untreated LPG emits a higher level of CO emissions and impacts engine wear and performance over time. For your LPG powered equipment, Innospec’s advance AURUM ® LPG additives, with CH25X technology, represent a revolution for autogas, tank cleaning, heating, and metalworking applications.

50AURUM ® QV 50 LPG additive is an advanced propane additive used to formulate a premium LPG—one that substantially improves performance in direct and indirect LP-gas vaporizers and downstream in valves and regulators.

60AURUM ® QV 60 has already set a new benchmark for LPG additives. A multi-functional detergent package specifically formulated for LPG use in internal combustion engines, AURUM ® delivers significant economic and safety benefits for distributors, equipment owners and operators.

70AURUM ® CV 70 LPG additive was developed for LPG use in a wide variety of metalworking processes. When applied properly, the balanced chemistry in AURUM ® CV 70 creates a premium LPG that delivers faster, higher quality results—and at a lower cost than acetylene and propylene.

*AURUM ® is a trademark of Innospec. CH25X™ is a trademark of Guardian Protection Products, Inc.


Major Vehicle Manufacturer (Service Manual Instructions)
"Use only high-quality propane that is designated as motor vehicle fuel. We recommend fuel additive CH25X or equivalent to significantly reduce harmful engine and fuel tank deposit buildup."


"Our manufacturing requires the plant work areas to be sealed off from the outside world. Since using propane with CH25X in our closed area forklifts, testing has demonstrated a marked reduction in levels of harmful carbon monoxide gas."


EU-based Fleet Company
"After adding propane with CH25X to our fuel—and tracking vehicle performance over ten million miles—expectations have been exceeded. We’ve recorded far less pollution, better fuel consumption, cleaner fuel systems, longer engine life, and more."


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