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Marine Fuel Specialties

Marine Fuel Specialties

Navigate changes in the marine industry with Innospec

Today’s market depends more than ever on the reliability and efficiency of marine engines. Environmental legislation is putting pressure on ship owners, managers and operators to reduce emissions and move to much lower sulphur fuels – whether this is the traditional residual heavy fuel oil, or marine distillate.

New legislation from the International Maritime Organisation on Emission Control Areas is changing the fuels used by the shipping industry. The drive to introduce marine fuels with increasingly lower sulfur content – both HFO and distillate grades - is presenting a challenge for ship owners and marine engineers.

Whether you are staying with HFO, or changing to marine diesel fuels - We have the answer. From 1 January 2020 there will be a mandatory requirement to use marine fuels with a maxiumum sulphur content of 0.5% by mass. In prepraration for this storage tanks and fuel handing system need to be ready to accept compliant fuel. For the most up to date news on IMO 2020 preparation and how to get ready for 1st January 2020 visit our microsite.

We understand these challenges facing the industry and can provide you with the next generation of fuel additives.

Our knowledge of the marine fuels industry is unrivalled. Innospec has a long history in heavy fuel oils and we understand the industry is changing. As the world’s only fuel additive manufacturer focused solely on fuel additives, we understand the complexities of handling heavy fuel oil and marine diesel/gasoil at sea.

We are the world’s largest supplier of heavy fuel oil additives , marine fuel additives and marine diesel treatments. Whatever the fuel quality, our portfolio of additives is guaranteed to optimize engine reliability, boost performance, improve fuel economy and reduce maintenance requirements.

All Innospec fuel additives are fully tested in marine conditions and offer an unrivalled array of benefits, helping you enhance fleet performance.


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