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Complete drilling solutions

Innospec’s Drilling Specialties business endeavors to provide comprehensive solutions to lost circulation conditions in a drilling program.

Whether it’s the proactive remediation of minor mud/fluid losses, or in the case of severe losses, an industry standard cure, the line of products provides effective treatment.

In addition to the Fluid-Loss Control Materials (LCM), the product line also includes world class lubrication products to improve the efficiency and life of drilling tools.

Minimizing costs, addressing problems

We utilize our knowledgeable, experienced people and comprehensive suite of products to provide our customers with innovative and cost-effective programs addressing known or anticipated problems in the drilling program.

We work to minimize the total cost to the operator with products designed to reduce use of alternatives and unnecessary handling procedures.

The improvement in logistics lowers or eliminates costs associated with special mixing equipment. All Strata® products are competitively priced and deliver success rates well beyond the industry norm.

With our extensive resources and knowledge of the drilling and completions sector, our team is able to deliver cutting edge LCM and mud lubricity technology, alongside unrivalled field and customer service.

Our products, application knowledge and understanding, as well as our proven results in lost circulation applications around the globe, clearly differentiate Innospec Drilling Specialties as the leader in mud/fluid loss solutions. It's why we say "THE MUD STOPS HERE!"®.

Boost lubricity in downhole drilling applications

Maintaining consistent lubricity in oilfield drilling applications is a key challenge for oil and gas producers. Inefficient equipment performance can lead to increased costs and unnecessary downtime.

STRATA-LUBE™ is a catalyzed liquid friction reducer. Comprising a blend of ester, the products are designed for downhole drilling applications to overcome challenges with torque, dragging and horizontal sliding inability.

Key advantages of STRATA-LUBE

  • Effective in both water and mud
  • Non-hydrocarbon
  • Non-aromatic
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-combustible.

Our STRATA-LUBE™ products are compatible with other synthetic oils present in the mud system. When used with STRATA-SCM®, STRATA-LUBE™ enhances the sealing capability of the mud, as well as providing lubricity and general filter cake quality enhancements.

System treatment with STRATA-LUBE™ is recommended in a typical range of 1-2%. Batch pill formulations for optimized lubricity can range from 3-8% depending on the application requirements.

Effective foam elimination

Our Strata FOAM-BLASTER™ range is a liquid-based, premium-grade de-foaming and anti-foaming agent. Designed for all water-based drilling, workover and completion fluids, FOAM-BLASTER™ provides effective control and elimination of foam in both solids-laden and solids-free systems.

FOAM-BLASTER™ provides a reliable and robust solution for preventing aeration and foaming situations in low solids and brackish fluids. It is water dispersible and offers effective foam control at any pH. Designed for easy mixing, FOAM-BLASTER™ requires no special mixing equipment and achieves results in small quantities.

Total solutions for oilfield drilling applications

Our acquisition of Strata Control Services Inc. enhances our Drilling Specialties capability within the oilfield industry. Under Strata’s reliable and trusted brands we provide complete capability in mud and fluid loss chemicals for oil and gas drilling applications.

We’ve combined our dedicated Oilfield Specialties team with Strata’s extensive expertise and knowledge of loss prevention, remediation and severe applications. Our solutions are designed to minimize operating costs, improve material handling and eliminate costs associated with special mixing equipment requirements.

Our range of Strata products for oilfield drilling applications include:

Complete control over productivity and performance

Effective fluid loss control is a significant concern for the oilfield industry. The impact on productivity, performance, cost, the environment and safety means that specialist knowledge and reliable solutions are key.

At Innospec, we’ve recently enhanced our Oilfield Specialties capability with the acquisition of Strata Controls. Drawing on Strata Controls’ substantial project experience across a wide range of applications, we now offer complete mud and fluid loss control solutions for oil and gas drilling.

FRAC-ATTACK® - complete lost circulation pill for severe applications

  • Fast acting and cost effective solution to lost circulation
  • Suitable for all types of fractures, vugular formations, weak channelling zones, underground cross-flow and blowout situations
  • Preparation, mixing and application advantages to solve lost circulation challenges
  • Available in formulations for light, normal and heavy density mixtures.

STRATA VANGUARD® - innovative approach to initial lost circulation

  • Chemical and loss control material blend to provide a single solution for lost circulation downhole
  • Mixes easily with existing fluid and existing rig equipment
  • Covers all particle shapes, sizes and types
  • Eliminates the need for other loss control material products
  • Saves on transportation costs
  • Environmentally safe.

STRATA-FLEX® - unique elastomeric sealant material

  • Unique, precisely graded and inert sealant material
  • High compressibility and deformability characteristics
  • Controls seepage loss in depleted formations and prevents differential sticking
  • Withstands high differential pressures
  • Available in medium and fine grades.

Our fluid loss control solutions can meet your challenging application needs. 

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