Strata Lube

Boost lubricity in downhole drilling applications

Maintaining consistent lubricity in oilfield drilling applications is a key challenge for oil and gas producers. Inefficient equipment performance can lead to increased costs and unnecessary downtime.

STRATA-LUBE™ is a catalyzed liquid friction reducer. Comprising a blend of ester, the products are designed for downhole drilling applications to overcome challenges with torque, dragging and horizontal sliding inability.

Key advantages of STRATA-LUBE

Our STRATA-LUBE™ products are compatible with other synthetic oils present in the mud system. When used with STRATA-SCM®, STRATA-LUBE™ enhances the sealing capability of the mud, as well as providing lubricity and general filter cake quality enhancements.

System treatment with STRATA-LUBE™ is recommended in a typical range of 1-2%. Batch pill formulations for optimized lubricity can range from 3-8% depending on the application requirements.