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H2S And Mercaptan Scavengers

Improving fuel quality

H2S gas presents significant challenges for the oil and gas industry. Our H2S scavengers use established technology to improve oil quality by injecting chemical H2S scavengers into the crude line, providing a rapid, non-reversible reaction. This reduces the dangerous H2S gases within the crude oil.

Our team of experts provide tailored solutions formulated to optimize the specific quantity of sulfur to be removed. Using our H2S scavengers ensures safe operations, optimum refinery performance and reduced environmental impact.

Reliable H2S scavenger technology for improved fuel quality

  • Tried and tested chemical alternative to conventional iron sponge scavenger processes
  • Rapid acting
  • Supported by market-leading testing and laboratory analysis
  • Tailored to specific customer applications.


Our HSS-100 H2S scavenger is designed to remove H2S from crude gas and oil products. An amine based H2S scavenger, HSS-100 undergoes a non-reversible reaction with hydrogen sulfide to form a water soluble product. The field strength version of HSS-100 can be used in continuous injection systems.


HSS-140 is a highly effective H2S scavenger blend designed to mitigate scaling issues while also significantly reducing concentrations of hydrogen sulfide in the production streams.  This H2S scavenger system will help reduce/eliminate the production problems associated with scale formation in sour streams. HSS-140 undergoes a non-reversible reaction with the H2S to form water soluble products which are removed in the aqueous phase by routine operations. HSS-140 significantly reduces hydrogen sulfide content of oilfield fluids particularly where scaling issues are prevalent.


HSS-200 is a single-component H2S scavenger which can be formulated to for both wet and dry pipelines. This product is dually capable as a water soluble corrosion inhibitor. The field strength version of HSS-200 can be used in continuous injection systems as well as contact tower applications.


HSS-300 is a non-triazine based, H2S scavenger designed to reduce the harmful side effects experienced as a result of iron sulfide formation. HSS -300 produces an oil-soluble solution which can be used as a standalone product or in conjunction with corrosion inhibitors. Field strength versions of HSS-300 can be formulated with aromatic solvents, diesel, kerosene or low molecular weight alcohols.


IMS-100 is a mercaptan scavenger designed to alleviate the problems associated with elevated levels of mercaptans in hydrocarbon fluids. This product reduces malodors and corrosion typically associated with high levels of mercaptans. It controls the formation of harmful low molecular weight mercaptan gasses in head spaces reducing safety concerns. IMS-100 mercaptan scavenger will also reduce the time normally associated with successful mercaptan removal.


ISS-100 is an iron sequestrant that prevents the formation of iron sulfide deposits in sour gas and oilfields. This product utilizes a phosphonium quaternary sulfate chemistry that eliminates well downtime associated with iron sulfide symptoms. ISS-100 has shown continued performance in the most demanding applications and has the ability to all but eliminate the need for acidizing of saltwater wells.

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