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Innospec is a manufacturer and supplier of specialty silicones to the Cosmetics and Personal Care industry. Following the acquisition of Chemsil Silicones, Inc. we offer products from basic silicone raw materials to customer specific compounds. We can supply your company with everything from innovative functional custom raw materials to our patented specialty technologies.


Specialty Products – developed and customized to meet the demanding requirements of customers’ unique applications. Innospec offers custom blending of silicone raw materials with additives such as actives and fragrances. Our purpose built anhydrous blending facility affords an economical route to fully customised solutions even on a small batch basis.

Our range includes:

Amino Functional Silicone Fluids

Dimethisil® NH fluids are a range of cationic based silicone fluids which have a strong affinity to both hair and skin. These raw materials can be modified by amine content, molecular weight and side functional groups. They are used primarily as key components in hair conditions and deep treatment products for their ability to reduce fly away, control frizz, add shine and hair softness.

Chemsil Specialty Products

CHEMSIL specialty products are new silicone raw materials that fit into unique applications. A broad line of products are offered with various performance attributes such as sensory modification, thickening benefits and emulsifying capability. Innospec is committed to developing new and unique raw materials to create innovative finished products.

Cosmetic Fluids

COSMETIC FLUIDS are silicone compounds containing various combinations of elastomers in a variety of diluents. These products vary in viscosity, feel, shine, lubricity, and water resistance. Grades of COSMETIC FLUIDS are based on solids, diluents, and elastomer derivatives. These variations give a wide range of characteristics when formulating products.

COSMETIC FLUIDS have become a popular additive to hair shine products including serums, gels, micro-emulsions, and refractive index based products. They can also be used as excellent skin lubricants due to their "non-greasy feel". They perform well in conditioners, sun products, anti-perspirants, creams, and lotions. Chemsil also provides specialty COSMETIC FLUIDS that can be used as silicone delivery systems for active ingredients including retinol, analgesics, and sunscreens without a greasy after-feel.


Innospec offers a full line of dimethylpolysiloxanes with viscosities ranging from 5 to 1,000,000 centistokes. DIMETHISIL® DM fluids are commonly categorized in low, medium, and high viscosities. Chemsil offers both personal care and NF grade dimethyl fluids.

Hindered Amine Silicone Fluids

Dimethisil® HNH fluids are cationic hindered amine silicone fluids. These unique silicone raw materials are compatible with anionic surfactants and have an excellent toxicity profile for personal care applications. Innospec offers this unique functional ingredient in low, medium and high viscosities and varying cationic strengths.

Low Viscosity Silicones

Innospec VOLASIL™ fluids are low viscosity cyclic silicones, disiloxanes, and dimethicones. These products are commonly used in a variety of personal care formulations due to their non-greasy feel and solvency. The volatility and after-feel of these raw materials enable use in almost any application.

Macro Emulsions and Surfactants

Emulsil® silicone macro-emulsions are oil in water emulsion systems. Many of our Emulsil® raw materials are developed as formulation compounds that provide a multitude of properties in hair care and skin care formulas. These macro-emulsions are generally used in hair care applications to increase shine, softness, and reduce fly away. They can be easily diluted for leave on applications. Our Emulsil® silicone surfactants vary in the ethoxylation, propoxylation, and key side groups that provide the properties desired by the formulator for emulsification and solubilization, pigment suspension and formulating W/O and O/W products

Micro emulsions

Microsil™ silicone micro-emulsions are oil in water emulsion systems. The base silicone fluids used in our raw materials have varying applications and functionality. Micorsil™ micro-emulsions have unique properties due to their clarity and compatibility with other raw materials. Allow Innospec to recommend the product that is best suited for your formula needs.

Shine Enhancers

Shineblend® fluids are economical silicone shine enhancers that can be used in sprayable formulations for hair and body care products. These compounds contain functional diluents in a variety of ratios. They are ready to use as the major base component for hair and body applications. Innospec can offer a wide range of Shineblend® fluids to accommodate formulator preferences for feel, shine, volatility, and economics. Let Innospec work with you to achieve a custom product.

NOTE: Not recommended for propellant systems.

Silicone Gelling Agents

GELAID® fluids are silicone compounds formulated specifically for use in refractive index products and silicone gels. GELAID® fluids can be formulated into clear to translucent gels for a wide variety of applications. GELAID® fluids are manufactured with strict specifications to achieve batch-to-batch consistency.

Innospec can provide starting formulas to help prepare esthetically pleasing and unique functional products.


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